American IPA
American IPA

American IPA

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American IPA

India Pale Ales (IPAs) highlight the amazingly varied world of hops. Our West Coast American style IPA has little to no malt character, allowing the great mix of American hops to shine.

Judicious layering of hops provides a complex set of piny, zesty, fruity flavours. Despite being nice and strong, our IPA maintains a great balance and sessionability. The dry body carries the firm bitterness and hop flavours through to finish.

Technical Notes

ABV 7.0%
IBU 50 (approx)
Malt Pale, munich
Hops Varies

Tasting Notes

Appearance Clear amber, thin head, low carbonation
Aroma Zesty and piney, light fruity background
Flavour Dominant pine, light fruit
Body Dry