Snake Bite - Double Pilsner

Snake Bite - Double Pilsner

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Snake Bite – Double Pilsner

Snake Pit is a beer we have brewed for 3 years in collaboration with His Boy Elroy celebrating the iconic home of grassroots Illawarra basketball. We brewed Snake Bite Double Pilsener to celebrate the anniversary of that ongoing partnership. A double Pilsener or Imperial Pilsener is similar to a Pilsener but Bigger. They usually have a bit more malt body and a higher bitterness to balance out the higher ABV.

Technical Notes

ABV 7%
IBU 49(approx)
Malt Pilsner Malt, Dextrine Malt, Chit Malt, Wheat Malt
Hops Eclipse, Saaz, Ella

Tasting Notes

Appearance Pale Straw to light Gold with a bright white head
Aroma Nice biscuity bready notes from the Pilsener malt. Some tropical notes from the Australian hops, with a hint of spice
Flavour A touch of bready malt sweetness with the Australian hops bringing mandarin, lime, and passionfruit and spice
Body Soft malt profile that is balanced with lovely citrus and tropical fruit which is balanced by the Saaz herbal notes and finishes with a dry crisp finish and refreshing bitterness