Five Barrel Brewing_Checkmate American IPA
Five Barrel Brewing_Checkmate American IPA

Checkmate American IPA

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Checkmate American IPA

What was once the standard-bearer for the IPA style has now become a sub-style on its own. West Coast IPAs typically describe standard American IPAs in that they are almost always crystal clear, an orangey golden color, and provide piney, resiny and dank hop flavors. The West Coast IPA immediately brings to mind surf, sand and good vibes – and it follows up on it with a bright, clear and inviting pour that still deserves credit for its pioneering spirit in the beer world. Best drunk fresh!

Technical Notes
ABV 7.0%
IBU 70 (approx)
Malt American Ale, Dextrin
Hops Changes based on availability of American Hops

Tasting Notes

Appearance Pale gold with a bright white head
Aroma Citrus and pine
Flavour Intense flavours of grapefuit, tangerine and pine
Body Medium