Wildside American Brown Ale
Wildside American Brown Ale

Wildside American Brown Ale

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Wildside American Brown Ale

Brown Ales originated in the UK where dark beers started to vary more and more as Pale Ales started to grown in popularity. The influence of traditional Porters are evident as you usually see darker malt take center stage, providing a rich and bitter malt character, as well as colour.

Our American Brown Ale uses the classic UK Brown Ale profile with a fuller body and bigger hop profile. We've incorporated UK and American hops to add a layer of familiarity and a nod to the heritage of the style. It is an amazingly drinkable beer, and one that we'd like to see more of! 

Technical Notes

ABV 5.8%
IBU 32 (approx)
Malt Ale, crystal, wheat, brown, biscuit, chocolate
Hops Amarillo, Fuggles, Cascade

Tasting Notes

Appearance Deep brown
Aroma Pine, earthy spice, chocolate
Flavour Piney and earthy hops overlay chocolatey and raisiny malt
Body Medium