Biere De Maison – Australian Farmhouse Ale

Biere De Maison – Australian Farmhouse Ale

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Biere De Maison – Australian Farmhouse Ale

Our Australian Farmhouse Ale is our take on a Farmhouse Ale Style Beer using 100 per cent Australian Ingredients. This beer is dedicated to celebrating local ingredients, using Centennial fresh hops from Ryefield Hops in Bemboka, NSW. Organic Pilsner Malt from Whitton NSW's Voyager Malts and wild yeast culture made from Wattle Flowers sourced at Port Kembla Beach and cultured by Wollongong's Mogwai Labs.

The journey to create this beer led us down a path that explored traditional brewing, as well as modern ingenuity! The results are truly special, and are unlike anything we’ve ever created.

Technical Notes

ABV 6%
IBU 19(approx)
Malt Voyager Organic Pilsener Malt, Voyager Red Wheat Malt, Voyager Raw Red wheat Malt
Hops Fresh Ryefield Centennial Hops

Tasting Notes

Appearance Pale Straw with a white head
Aroma Fruity Esters, citrus and tropical notes with a slight spiciness
Flavour  Nice bready malt profile, balanced with a good hop bitterness and some fruity yeast Esters. It finishes with a crisp dry finish
Body Light