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Five Barrel Brewing

Deep Breath Botanical IPA

Deep Breath Botanical IPA

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Deep Breath Botanical IPA 

The label for our Botanical IPA was expertly crafted by East Woonona florist Twig&Bo. Twig & Bo specialises in designing and delivering modern fresh and dried flower arrangements daily, producing stunning wedding flowers and offering amazing florals ongoing with their flower Subscription option.

Twig and Bo's creation perfectly captures the botanical explosion of this soon-to-be-released brew. This floral arrangement pays homage to the beer's harmonious interplay of botanical elements. 
The nose is a complex blend of earthy and herbal notes with a tantalizing hint of ginger and basil. The fragrant yewzu adds a unique, pine-like depth, creating an intriguing bouquet that hints at the flavour to come. The flavours are a harmonious interplay of botanical elements, beginning with the subtle sweetness of ginger and the freshness of basil, chased with the bitter citrus yewzu. The chili provides a gentle, warming kick that doesn't overpower the palate but adds a pleasant complexity. The finish is clean and crisp, leaving a lingering, mild spiciness.

Technical Notes

ABV 5.5%
IBU 30 (approx)

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