Gruit Bier

Gruit Bier

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A hybrid between a sour beer, and a Gruit.

Gruits are a historical style of beverage that used botanicals in place of hops. This beer is a modern adaptation, with a Five Barrel twist. It is light and tart with a crisp sour lemon and herbal finish. It is dry hopped with hops, Cascade and Simcoe so that you know it is still a beer, but also has hibiscus, lemon and juniper thrown into the mix.

Technical Notes

ABV 3.2%
IBU 10 (approx)
Malt Pale, Wheat
Hops Cascade, Simcoe
Extras Hibiscus, lemon zest, juniper berries

Tasting Notes

Appearance Clear ruby read
Aroma Herbal, juniper, lemon and pine
Flavour Tart, lemony with an earthy/herbal finish
Body Dry