Mainline HDHC Hazy DIPA
Mainline HDHC Hazy DIPA

Mainline HDHC Hazy DIPA

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Mainline HDHC Hazy DIPA


The High Density Hop Charge hopping technique was developed by Other Half Brewing in NYC. It utilizes modern hop products with tried and true traditional hops to instill the most intense hop character you can get out of a beer. We use Citra Incognito, along with pellets of Trident, Lotus, and Sultana with a healthy dose of Cashmere cryo hops. The results is absolutely astounding and a wonderfully intense DIPA.

Technical Notes

ABV 8.0%
IBU 50 (approx)
Malt Ale, wheat, oats
Hops Citra, Trident, Lotus, Sultana, Cashmere

Tasting Notes

Appearance Hazy, gold
Aroma Passionfruit, ripe mango, bitter melon
Flavour Punch in the face of tropical fruit with a pithy bitterness
Body Full