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Five Barrel Brewing

Fresh As Fresh Hop Pub Ale

Fresh As Fresh Hop Pub Ale

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Fresh As Fresh Hop Pub Ale

Using wet hops collected straight from Ryefield Hops in Bemboka, NSW, Fresh As Pub Ale is a brew that stands out. Our team made the trip down to the hop fields and returned with twenty kilos of quality cascade hops. Straight into the whirlpool of the mash tun at Five Barrels, you can't get fresher than this.

This year's cascade hops are deliciously citrusy and spicy. Complemented by the English yeast we carefully chose, this beer gives rise to a pub ale that is not only highly sessionable but also boasts a delightful fruit-forward character.

Technical Notes

ABV 5%
Malt Ale, Lager light, Wheat
Hops Cascade

Tasting Notes

Appearance Golden, cloudy with a white head
Aroma Straw, biscuity
Flavour White grapefruit, orange peel, hint of white pepper
Body Medium
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