Five Barrel Brewing_Navigator Red IPA
Five Barrel Brewing_Navigator Red IPA

Navigator Red IPA

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Navigator Red IPA

Darker doesn’t always mean stronger. Red IPA's usually carry a maltiness that you don’t find with paler styles. The malt character can range from a light caramel to full on rich toffee and toast.

It has a wonderful fruit, pine and spice balance that develops on the palate. It has a firm bitterness, but the caramel sweetness rounds it out to ensure your senses aren’t overwhelmed.

Technical Notes

ABV 6.5%
IBU 50 (approx)
Malt Pale, munich, melanoidin, redback, roasted barley, shepard's delight
Hops Simcoe, Mosaic, Hallertau Blanc

Tasting Notes

Appearance Deep amber
Aroma Tropical fruit, pine, citrus, earthy spice
Flavour Tropical fruit, toffee, dank pine
Body Medium-full