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Five Barrel Brewing

Night Cap Milk Stout

Night Cap Milk Stout

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Night Cap Milk Stout

Milk Stouts contain the non-fermentable lactose sugar to add a velvety smooth body to a rich roasty beer. These are the original dessert beers, and are a perfect way to cap off a meal or just enjoy whenever you please.

The rich chocolatey flavour is apparent in the aromatics and follow through to your last sip. A velvety smooth body is sweet, but a subtle bitterness from the roasted grains and the hops help balance it out to finish well.

Enjoy a little warmer and observe how the flavours develop.

Technical Notes

ABV 6.0%
IBU 50 (approx)
Malt Pale, munich, chocolate, shepard's delight, roasted barley, lactose sugar
Hops EKG

Tasting Notes

Appearance Opaque black, fluffy tan head, low carbonation
Aroma Chocolate, earthy spice
Flavour Rich chocolate, coffee background
Body Velvety smooth
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