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Five Barrel Brewing

Spud Australian Draught

Spud Australian Draught

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Spud Australian Draught

Crafted for the Robertson Potato Festival, this Spud Draught boasts a refreshing and uniquely Australian character. With 40kg of Hill Family Farms Sebago Potatoes infused into the mash, it offers a crisp and clean taste with a subtle earthy essence reminiscent of freshly dug potatoes.

The aroma entices with notes of freshly baked bread and hints of citrus zest, while the creamy mouthfeel and lively carbonation enhance its drinkability. Balanced and approachable, this ale finishes with a satisfying dryness, leaving a lasting impression of innovation and tradition combined in one delightful brew.

Technical Notes

 ABV 4.50%
 Malt Atlas Malt, Compass Malt, Wheat, Light Crystal, Potato
 Hops Pride of Ringwood, Melba

Tasting Notes

Appearance Gold with a thin white head
Aroma Subtle dried orange peel, sweet malt and a soft earthiness
Flavour Sweet light malts balances by a slight spiciness and a little of that orange peel play on the tongue
Body Medium
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